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This is a personal academic journal which I try to keep updated to organize my thoughts, and progress in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. To give some background, I am pretty much learning from scratch, so the material here would be at an introductory level sometimes.


Notes and Problems: These are notes that I maintain as soon as I gain some foothold of a subject, to set it in stone. It makes for a good review and test of my understanding to set up my understanding in Latex.

1. Notes on Elementary Number Theory

  •  Baby Steps: The Basics – Arithmetic Tables, Division Algorithm, Prime Factorization, Modular Arithmetic, Well Ordering and Induction, Continued Fractions
  • Arithmetic Functions- Integer Function, Multiplicative Functions: Mobius Function, Euler’s Totient Function
  • Some Problems on Arithmetic Functions

2. Problems in Elementary Number theory

Solutions to I. M Vinogradov ‘s Elements of Number Theory
– Chapter 1
– Chapter 2

3. Notes on Combinatorics

  • The basics of counting:
  • Combinatorial Proofs
  • Special Numbers

4. Problems in Combinatorics

Reading Projects: These are live-journal style records of my quest to read through an entire book.

1. Abel’s Theorem in problems and Solutions

2. The Haskell Road to Math, Programming and Logic

3. Principles of mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin


1. Special Relativity

  • Notes: Basics – Theoretical and Experimental Motivations
  • Notes: Tensors

2. Prequel to Quantum Mechanics:

  • Waves and Fourier Analysis
  • Distributions and Generalized Functions
  • Functional Analysis
  • Classical Mechanics of Particles
  • Classical Physics of Fields

2. Problems in Quantum Mechanics

  • Solutions to E. Merzbacher
  • Solutions to Sakurai Advanced Quantum Mechanics

3. Experimental methods

Computers, Programming, etc

1. Unix Shell Fundamentals

2.Setting Up Linux

3. The ROOT Class Library.

4. Notes on Haskell

 Project Euler Problems:

Note: Wherever I write C++, I actually mean ROOT which is like C++ on steroids for its CLI, Histogramming, Fitting, GUI packages etc.

Problem 1: C++, Haskell, Python O(1)

Problem 2: C++

Miscellaneous Projects

1. Invariant Mass Analysis

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